Agriculture And Farms

Control Your Crops and Increase Your Yield

GPS monitoring technologies enable your production manager to keep track of harvest equipment and cars at all times, while also protecting those expensive assets from theft. Farming equipment is a big investment for agricultural businesses. With GPS technology, you can reduce unnecessary wear and tear on this costly piece of equipment, extending its operational life.

Detect Farming Equipment

Fleet tracking solutions will enable you to locate your farming equipment at any time. Fleet tracking may also aid in the management of your land and crops, ensuring that each region receives the attention it deserves. GPS fleet management systems may be programmed to organise your land using a geofence and landmark system. Geofences are topographical barriers that are set up around certain pieces of land.

When geotargeting is crossed inadvertently, your fleet manager will be notified instantly. Geofences define the areas that require fertilising, harvesting, crop dusting, and other services, and tracking equipment entry into those areas ensures that each plot of land receives the appropriate cultivation at the right time.

As a consequence, you will save unnecessary wear and tear on your machinery, the unnecessary supply of costly cultivation materials, and damage to plots of land caused by too much or too little cultivation.