Android Mobile App

Android Mobile Application

Our Android Mobile App is so much more than just simple dots on a map. You are likely on the go on a regular basis and don't have the time to always check your computer. Use our amazing Android App to keep up with your fleet in real-time. 

App Features

  • Closest To: allows you to quickly identify which vehicles are closest to you as well as other vehicles. 
  • Vehicle History: You can select a vehicle to see the travel history for multiple days, in fact you can go back as far as you like. See where the vehicle or asset was at last year right from your mobile device!
  • Mapping: Supports standard, satellite, and hybrid mapping options
  • Traffic: See real-time traffic conditions. If your truck is running late, now you can see where it's at!
  • Follow: You can select a vehicle to "follow" in real-time and track it's progression.
  • Call / Text / Garmin Message: You can call, text, or even send a Garmin message to a driver/vehicle right from your mobile app. 
  • Alerts: You can receive an alert when a vehicle you are following stops or moves. 
  • Groups: Supports vehicle groups to allow you to look at specific vehicle groups rather than all vehicles at once.