API Integration

API Integration

The Responsible Fleet API (Application Programming Interface) Integration allows you to push or pull whatever information you need from our system. Integrate an existing fleet management system to automatically update your meter reads. There are an unlimited number of potential applications. 


Benefits of Integration

Through the integration of GPS data with your other platforms you can achieve an automation in your business processes. For example, you may be using a fleet management software system to maintain all of your preventative maintenance scheduling. However you are having someone manually enter your meter reads for engine run time and odometer. The Run Time API can automatically update those values for you on a daily basis and save your staff lots of time.


Integration Examples

  • Alerts

  • Assign vehicles / un-assign vehicles

  • Garmin Dispatch

  • Dispatch Message History

  • Driver SMS Notes

  • Garmin Custom Forms

  • Update Vehicle Groups

  • Add Driver

  • Add User

  • Idle Summary

  • Idle Detail

  • Create / Remove Landmarks

  • Live Data for GIS Mapping

  • Drive Time Summary

These are only a few of the many potential integrations that our robust API offers. 

It is the responsibility of the customer to complete the API Integration as Responsible Fleet does not offer API programming. However, we can recommend developers to complete an integration where necessary. 

We offer an API Test Bed to validate the query string prior to implementation.