Auto Service And Sales

Renting and Leasing made tensionless

Tracking down lessees who fail to make payments on their automobiles is one of the most significant liabilities for auto leasing companies. With GPS monitoring on the leased car or truck, you can quickly and easily identify your property, making it easier to deal with a broken lease. Not only can car rental firms simply track down non-returned automobiles, but they can also keep track of kilometres travelled, servicing needs, and vehicle wear and tear.

Maintaining the Rental Fleet

Regular monitoring of all of your vehicles when they are on the lot is difficult enough, including test drives and leases makes the work become much more difficult. You can track the position of your vehicles, keep track of your service schedule, and guarantee that each vehicle's lease terms are followed correctly with GPS tracking.

Maintaining your rental fleet is crucial to the success of your organisation. You can track mileage on all of your vehicles, keep up with service needs, locate vehicles that are not returned on time, and ensure that your rental vehicles are rotated using fleet tracking.