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What took you so long?


What took you so long?

What took you so long? This is not something that your driver wants to hear when they arrive at their stop, or from their boss when they get back to the office. 

Are your drivers taking longer than you think they should? Do you believe that they may not be taking the most efficient route? Are you concerned that your pickups or deliveries are not being made on time?

If any of the above scenarios apply to your business it's time to find out if route efficiency can save you time and money. It can also save you from having frustrated customers and dispatchers.

Map book

Do you remember the days of purchasing map books and keeping one in each of your vehicles? You would give your drivers the address and hope they figure it out. I remember those days, I used to be one of those drivers. Shortly after high school I drove a construction supplies delivery truck for a door shop in Phoenix. I would flip open my map book and plot my route.

Those days are long-gone, as is the great shape I was in when I used to drive that delivery truck. Now, you can drop your address or landmark into a website and voila... you have a list of directions to which you can dispatch out to any of your vehicles. 

Responsible Fleet has done some amazing things to help our customers solve the issues of routing. We have a customizable routing dashlet which will allow you to enter up to 10 stops (landmarks or addresses) and send the optimized route directly to your drivers. 

Contact us today to see a live demonstration of our routing capabilities. 



How much does it cost?

Can I offer an alternative question that should be asked?

"How much can it save me?

When looking into GPS Tracking for your fleet, the focus should not be placed upon the cost of the solution. Rather, it should be placed upon the outcome. 

When you make the decision to install GPS tracking devices on your fleet, or replace your current provider, you should also be looking at what issues you would like to solve for. 

  • Reduce Fuel Costs
  • Reduce Maintenance Costs
  • Improve Routing
  • Reduce Vehicle Downtime
  • Proof of Service
  • Etc...

The correct fleet tracking system for your needs should have the ability to solve each of the challenges you have. 

Responsible Fleet encourages you to try out our solution to see a real difference in service providers. 

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