Cleaning And Laundary

Don't Let Dishonest Employees Take You To The Cleaners

Any company that sends its staff to job sites is prone to the dreaded "time theft": when employees are meant to be working but instead go home, out to lunch, visit friends, and so on. Tracking your vehicles can provide you with peace of mind that your staff are where they should be during business hours. It also ensures that the job is being completed.

Facilities Cleaners

Few businesses face greater client scrutiny than cleaning services. Having backup to demonstrate to your customers that your crews were present for a certain period might be essential. This not only allows you to show your clients that their facilities and linens are being cleaned, but it also allows you to evaluate your personnel so that you can reward your best performers and teach your weakest links.

Garment and Textile Cleaners

As a launderer, your customer expects you to clean their goods on a certain timeframe. Vehicle monitoring can be crucial in ensuring that your driver network visits all of your clients and collects their stuff on a regular – and timely – basis. Fleet tracking can also assist you in more efficiently scheduling pick-ups and drop-offs and managing your fleet. You will have confidence that your drivers are travelling safely, arriving and departing clients' and your facilities on time, and according to the correct work schedule.