Maintain the timeliness of your equipment.

Heavy machinery is a large investment, and even with insurance, replacing damaged or lost equipment is quite expensive in the form of finance and/or time wasted. Equipment sensors ensure that expensive construction equipment be retrieved if it is stolen from the project site.

Track Vehicle & Equipment Use

Costs and time are two of the most significant factors for your bottom line. If your vehicles require repairs as a result of improper or excessive use, the financial impact can be enormous. significantly, if your equipment is out of action, it can cause delays in your building plan, resulting in cost overruns, dissatisfied consumers, and severe financial consequences.

Much of these possible problems can be avoided using GPS fleet management. You will be able to effortlessly control construction fleet vehicle and equipment utilisation, ensuring that those assets are only working when and where they are planned to work, reducing unnecessary wear and tear. Furthermore, fleet tracking will assist you in collaborating with authorities to promptly recover stolen goods.