Customize Dashlet Titles


Wouldn't it be great to change the title of any dashlet to make it easier to remember what you are looking at. You can now customize any dashlet title to something that makes better sense for you.

Simply click the edit icon on any dashlet and locate the new Custom Dashlet Title field:

Then enter a new name to display on the top of the dashlet:
As you can see below, we have also selected the vehicle group of 'Delivery Vehicles'.

Click apply and you now your dashlet has the new dashlet title you entered:


In order to keep the new dashlet titles you will need to save your dashboard. If you do not save the dashboard, all dashlet names will go back to their default name, e.g. Map.

In addition, you can always use groups named “Delivery”, “Sales”, etc... and those also show up as the selected group, so perhaps a different naming convention works better for you, such as “Idle Graph for 7 days” or “Zoomed out stopped vehicles” where you are describing the attributes you’ve set within the dashlet editable properties.