Dashboard Interface

Responsible Fleet offers a full-customizable dashboard which allows each user within your organization to tailor their dashboard to fit their needs. In addition, you can have multiple dashboard views for each user. 

We offer various "Dashlets" which can be dragged into your desktop to modify your personal view of the system. 



  • Alerts:  Shows all alert events
  • Diagnostic Alerts:  Shows all diagnostic trouble codes
  • Recent Alerts:  Shows the most recent alerts, regardless of alert type
  • Service Reminders:  Shows all upcoming/overdue service reminders


  • Closest To:  Shows vehicles closest to an address, landmark, or point
  • Closest To Vehicle:  Shows other vehicles which are within the closest proximity to another vehicle
  • Directions:  Get directions to/from a location
  • Landmark Stops:  Real-time stop list within landmarks
  • Landmarks:  See the number of vehicles within each landmark
  • Last Stops: See all last stops for all vehicles or select vehicle groups
  • Map: A map to display vehicles in real-time
  • Route: Create optimized routes for multiple stops and dispatch by vehicles
  • Stop Location: Shows stopped vehicles by location
  • Vehicle Selector: Allows for quick selection of vehicle


  • Comparison Graphs: Quickly compare vehicle groups to each other for speeding, idling, miles driven, and MPG (avg)
  • Group Graphs: Overview of idle hours, speeding events, miles driven, and hours of operation
  • Utilization Rollup: Quick view of vehicles, distance driven, engine hours, and idle hours by vehicle group
  • Vehicle Graphs: See MPG, miles driven, and idle time by vehicle over time


  • SMS/Email Messaging: Send SMS or email directly to vehicles right from the dashlet


  • Clock: Heads-up display to have the current time based upon whichever time-zone you select
  • Legend: Key to identify the various colors indicating stopped, idling, driving, etc...
  • Map Book Tool: If your vehicles still use map books, this tool will allow you to enter an address and let them know the page and section within their map book to find the address
  • Quick Links: Quick links to Manage Users, Manage Vehicles, and Manage Landmarks
  • Scheduled Reports: Displays all scheduled reports, delivery requirements, and whether the report is active.