Build a Driver Safety Program using Driver Scorecard

Create a Driver Safety Strategy

Fleet supervisors can use Driver Scorecard to compare driver performance in order to manage fleets and evaluate driver safety requirements. Driver Scorecard evaluates your drivers based on your chosen important performance measures and notifies you when they break the defined driving requirements. Our software provides supervisors with the information they need to set expectations and convey violations to current and future employees. Your company can develop a driver safety programme by implementing prizes for your best drivers and coaching tactics for your bad performers.

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The Advantages of Driver Scorecard Ranking

  • Instant access to key performance indicators

  • Establish the organization’s safety expectations.

  • Compare and contrast individual drivers to the team

  • Drivers are rewarded with significant incentives.

  • New staff boarded with clear expectations.

  • Data on driver exceptions in the past

  • Risk and liabilities are reduced.

Responsible Fleet Tracking Features Your Business Can Utilize


When allowable speeds are exceeded, idle duration is too long, vehicles are used after hours, and other conditions are met, alerts are sent through SMS or email. A driver who disobeys any safety regulation might bring unwelcome bad attention to the organisation, especially if other drivers or pedestrians are put in danger.


All of your fleet data available in one place like Exceptions, Service Alerts, and Fleet Status, among other things. Using numerous elements of the fleet tracking software gives a fully integrated experience for the customer, allowing your company to provide even better service.


Your GPS fleet monitoring solution's essential data, including route location, stops, and actual speeds, is presented in real time on Google Maps®. No matter where you are, you'll have access to the most crucial information on your smartphone, tablet, or laptop.


Our GPS tracking also tracks and reports on the amount of time a driver spends driving, stopping, driving at inappropriate speeds, spending money on gas, and much more. Every company that implements a fleet tracking technology can profit from lower fuel expenses and labour savings.


With live GPS tracking data about your drivers' activities, Driver Scorecard details exact behaviour changes and ranks your drivers from best to worst. This gives supervisors real-time access to safety scores and performance measures at any time during the day.


Scorecard reports can be used to identify areas for improvement and to compare individual results to those of others or the entire team. The information can be utilised as a starting point for initiating those difficult conversations with employees regarding their actions.

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