“Drop Pin” Feature

When you need to dispatch a driver on-the-fly to a location where you do not know the address and it is not already a landmark, you can now use a new feature called Drop Pin.

Here is the feature displayed within our 2D Live View:

Here is the Drop Pin in action on our Dashboard Dashlet:

By clicking the purple flag icon it will place a drop pin within the center of the map (this includes dashlet mapping or 2D full screen mapping). You can then move the pin as you need to and determine information about this location, create a landmark, or dispatch to it.

  • You can also add a drop pin by manually entering lat/long coordinates in the Closest To Dashlet:

  • Clicking on the flag will pop up info about the marked location which includes the lat/long coordinates (which can be copied easily if you need them in another system you use):

If you need to move the flag icon you can simply click on it and drag it anywhere you like and then let go to keep the flag in that location.

There is also an option to create a landmark for the pin drop location if you want to keep this location for future use. If you want to remove the drop pin simply click on the “remove” text near the top of the popup: