Eliminate Theft & Waste

Keep an eye on the company's resources

A fleet GPS tracking system is the most effective way to prevent theft and waste. Our software solutions track your fleet's use of corporate assets and provide important information on vehicle and asset activity to fleet management.

If this happens, our fleet GPS tracking technology and software can quickly determine the location of your vehicle or asset, assisting in a rapid stolen recovery.

Unapproved Stops

To save your fuel and time, our GPS tracking technology keeps an eye on your drivers when you can't, and notifies you of any unauthorized driving activity at any time, from anywhere.

Route deviation & Increased fuel utilization

Our fleet GPS tracking system can track mileage and fuel use in real time. This information is collected by a device installed in the vehicle, and fleet managers can view it. Our system can comfort you if you suspect that company assets are being misappropriated.

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Real-time Vehicle Speed Monitoring

Speeding is not only dangerous, but it can also lead to significant increases in fuel usage. With our technology in place, fleet managers would receive warnings whenever a vehicle exceeds the authorised speed limit, allowing them to correct the offending driver and provide recommendations for improvement.

Track Prolonged Idling

Idling a car wastes fuel, and excessive idling is detrimental for fuel economy. A fleet tracking system can reveal when your vehicles are idle for unusually long durations, squandering fuel and being unproductive in general.

Apt. Routing & Dispatching

Inefficient routes spend money in terms of both lost time and fuel use. The routing system from Responsible Fleet Tracking contains all of the necessary tools to keep cars on the most efficient routes imaginable.Improved E-logs, instant messaging, and accurate arrival time estimation are all part of our Garmin integrated fleet tracking and routing solution.

Dispatchers can instantly monitor the location of fleet vehicles when a new stop is needed, allowing them to dispatch the closest vehicle to the destination, reducing overall fleet mileage. When it comes to managing huge numbers of commercial vehicles in a cost-effective and responsible way, this perspective is crucial.

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