Fleet Telematics

Easier to Follow Your Fleet Now

Tracking fleets of any size can be difficult, but Responsible Fleet Tracking's fleet telematics solutions make it much easier. Telematics allows you to locate the exact location of any vehicle in your fleet at any given time, as well as provide you with secure access to vehicle data and progress.

Tracking Vehicles

The location devices mounted in the vehicles send data to a GPS receiver, which then converts it to monitoring data, which is then reflected as a visual reference on GoogleMaps®.

Encrypted Information Transfer

Fleet telematics allows for safe data transfer from the vehicle's mobile data terminal to the office's fixed data terminal. This is made possible by using wireless data transmission to convey computer data.

Enhance your Driver’ Skills

Your fleet administrator can receive real-time notifications to help them understand in addressing specific driving behaviours. For this purpose, feedback is the key for a healthy workforce.

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Decreased Fuel Consumption

A motorist who constantly stomps on the gas pedal is certain to use more. The capacity to correct this in real time will cut your company's overall fuel use significantly. This is how fleet telematics aids in the regulation of fuel expenses.

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