Real-Time Fleet Tracking

GPS Tracking.

Understand how your organization is running in real-time with GPS Tracking that provides visibility, actionable insights, and results.

Replay exactly when and where your vehicles have been. Unlimited historical information for your fleet. 


Increase fleet visibility, monitor daily operations in real-time and stay ahead of vehicle maintenance to reduce costs, improve productivity and increase accountability.

Trailer Tracking


Receive deep visibility into trailer and yard operations to maximize utilization and improve operational efficiency.

Heavy Equipment.

Understand the movement and usage of your powered and non-powered heavy equipment to improve performance, productivity, and utilization.

Heavy Equipment Tracking


Pinpoint location accuracy.


With Precision Updates you can answer the question, “Where is my vehicle right now?”

With an Uber-like live vehicle follow experience, Precision Updates get higher fidelity data, more frequent updates on current location of your vehicles, and increased accuracy of trip history.

Precision Vehicle Mapping
Vehicle Driver Intelligence

Vehicle and driver intelligence at a glance.

With the Responsible Fleet color-coded map and easy-to-read icons, you can locate vehicles and their status at a glance. Create vehicle groups to filter reports, maps and dashboards that make sense for your business.

You can also assign drivers to vehicles and create driver or vehicle groups to make finding the right information a breeze.

Map Replay.

Using Trip History, gain visibility into job verification, routes taken, and vehicle incidents for specific dates and vehicles.

You’ll know where your drivers and vehicles were, which helps with investigating complaints as well as planning better routes and eliminating excess idling.

GPS Fleet Geofencing

Spotlight important locations.

Creating virtual boundaries, known as geofences or landmarks, can improve many areas of operational efficiency. It’s easy to draw and pinpoint job sites, headquarters, and other important locations.

With landmarks, you’ll be able to prevent side jobs, verify job completion/deliveries, calculate job costing, and provide accurate ETAs.