Fuel Pump

Fuel Card Reporting

Responsible Fleet customers who utilize a fuel card provided by WEX (Wright Express), Voyager, Fleetcor, Fuelman, or Comdata can integrate their fuel card transactions directly into our platform. This helps reduce fuel fraud, capacity exceptions, and simplifies the reporting process for IFTA. 


Fuel Cards


  • Fuel Card Transactions - Details about each fuel card transaction. This includes the name of the person who used the card, time and location of purchase, location of vehicle during purchase. We also allow you to configure your fuel tank size to see if the fueling at the pump exceeded the capacity of the tank. This report is key in identifying any potential fuel theft or fraud.
  • Fuel Card Usage - This summary report shows a list of all fuel transactions over a given period of time. Shows date of purchase, last fuel prior, distance between fueling, MPG, Cost-per-mile, and name of person completing the fuel transaction.
  • State Mileage - Easily see all vehicle mileage and each fuel transactions listed by state. This report will greatly increase your ability to quickly calculate and submit quarterly IFTA reports.