Geofencing and Landmarks

Geofencing / Landmarks

Responsible Fleet offers an unlimited number of landmarks and geofencing. Including landmarks allows for much more insight into reports, alerts, job completion, and much more. You can also import up to 1,000 landmarks at a time using our excel import tool. 


Here are just some of the many benefits:

  • Use polygons shapes to accurately define your geofence while using a satellite map view
  • Create a custom alert that notifies you when a vehicle enters or leaves a landmark or group of landmarks
  • You may import up to 1,000 landmarks at a time from Excel spreadsheets using address or lat/long coordinates
  • Create landmarks from a vehicle’s location on a map from the computer or mobile app
  • Landmarks can be used within several Responsible Fleet dashlets, including dispatch, routing, and “Closest To”
  • Landmarks will make you alerts, reports, and maps much more intuitive and business-centric