Landscape And Lawn Care

Reduce Revenue Loss

Businesses can use our tracking technology to boost workforce productivity, decrease equipment theft, and manage government regulations and labour difficulties. As an employer, you'll be able to use your tracking system to see how long your workers spend at each job site, how long they spend at stores and break spots, and whether or not your cars or equipment are working after hours.

The Price of Stolen Property

When it comes to seasonal enterprises like landscaping, GPS tracking might be even more beneficial because every work day is critical to the company's performance. Every hour that equipment sits idle, is stalled in transit, or is misused has a major impact on the company's financial success.

The cost of lost or stolen equipment is significantly greater than the cost of replacement. It also includes the cost of wasted field time and jobs that aren't completed while the replacement procedure is underway. That cost can be almost eliminated with our GPS tracking solution.