Put Green Back in Your Wallet

Incorporating a GPS monitoring system provides a number of distinct advantages. Responsible Fleet Tracking's technologies are particularly engineered including cutting fuel expenses to maintain your vehicles on a correct maintenance schedule. Responsible Fleet Tracking cuts fuel usage in a number of ways, including:

Responsible Fleet Tracking cuts fuel usage in a number of ways, including:

  • Lower vehicle speeds
  • Decreased inactive times
  • Upgraded routing and dispatching
  • Reduced vehicle abuse
  • Appropriate Vehicle maintenance
  • Let Us Help Lower Your Fuel Costs

    Lower vehicle speeds

    Aggressive driving (speeding, quick acceleration, and braking) wastes gas, according to the US Department of Energy. Driving responsibly is also safer for you and others, so you may save more than simply money on fuel.

    By automatically sending out notifications for aggressive driving behaviour such as speeding, quick acceleration, and braking, GPS tracking systems let you gain tremendous control over your fleet vehicles. Minimize your fuel costs by up to 33%.

    Decreased inactive times

    Long idle intervals result in far more engine wear and damage than regular driving, resulting in higher maintenance expenses.

    GPS car tracking devices can help avoid the misappropriation of company assets.

    When excess idling happens, Responsible Fleet GPS systems provide you automatic alerts, which you can adjust to any schedule you choose.

    Upgraded routing and dispatching

    Responsible Fleet Tracking pinpoints the exact location of every vehicle in your fleet, allowing your dispatchers to better manage routing. This ensures that cars follow the shortest and most direct path to their destination to conserve time and fuel.

    Fuel savings are large when dispatching is more efficient, routes are shorter, and waste is reduced.

    Reduced vehicle abuse

    Misuse of fleet vehicles can result in a 20 percent or greater increase in fuel usage.

    When drivers enter and exit their job location, we will instantly notify you. You'll also be notified if vehicles are utilised outside of business hours, ensuring that your company's resources are only used for business-related operations.

    Responsible Fleet Tracking systems send out automatic alerts when cars need to be serviced. Tire and oil changes, tuning, and scheduled servicing chores can all be pre-programmed by fleet managers. This essentially removes the need for manual record keeping while also lowering your fleet's servicing expenditures.

    Appropriate Vehicle maintenance

    Vehicles that have been properly maintained can save up to 35% more fuel than those that have not been properly maintained. The majority of fleet managers rely on drivers to keep their cars in good working order or to inform them when maintenance is needed. Many people also employ paper or spreadsheet-based maintenance schedules, which necessitate a significant amount of manual work. But this way, mileage cannot be tracked.