Eliminate Shortfalls

As a plumbing company, you are frequently called upon to act quickly. When you have to send a team to a work late at night, you want to be sure that they report on time and that they are at the site when they say they would be. Our GPS tracking technology assures that your staff are working when they say they are and are not using your vehicles for personal gain.

Maximizing Customer Satisfaction

Our plumbing customers use GPS Fleet Tracking services in a variety of ways to boost productivity and cut labour costs. You may easily deploy a driver to the customer's location with the ability to retrieve reports on your drivers' locations. Not only that, but you can see exactly how long the driver was on the job site and use that information to complete payroll or compare it to a pre-existing payroll system to guarantee that the hours worked are the hours paid, no more or less.

Customer satisfaction can also be improved by using fleet tracking. You will be saving your clients time and stress by guiding employees to the nearest project to decrease wait times or streamlining scheduling to offer them a better idea of when to anticipate your crew to arrive. Fleet monitoring and fleet management are often used interchangeably, and our solution empowers you to manage your personnel.

Fleet tracking allows you to sleep soundly at night knowing that your cars are safe. When it comes to tracking down lost or stolen vehicles and equipment, GPS tracking has proven to be a useful tool.

Your vehicles are branded with your name, so they represent your company wherever they go, whether they are working or not. You can use GPS tracking to ensure that your employees only go where you want them to go, as well as to monitor their driving behaviors.