How do I disable a pop-up blocker?

If a report, map, or Google Earth map does not appear when launched, it is possible that a pop-up blocker has prevented it from appearing.

Internet Explorer (or Firefox), Google, Yahoo, and MSN all have built-in pop-up blockers which sometimes interfere with GPS Insight.

Typically a slight “blip” is heard whenever these bars prevent a report or map from being launched.

The short-term fix is to hold down either the shift or the control key when pressing the button to launch the report or map. This will temporarily disable the pop-up blocker.

The long term fix is to identify which pop-up blocker is causing the issue, and tell it that “Pop-ups from www. are OK.”

This is done in different ways by each browser and/or toolbar, but the typical way is to identify the popup notification and click on it, which will give you an option to “allow pop-ups from ...”

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