GPS Fleet Tracking Pricing
Just $22.95
No Contract!

Monthly Service: $22.95 per device

Contract: Nope! | Activation Fee: Nope!

Who likes contracts? We’re not a fan.

* Pricing varies depending on device quantity

What am I getting for $22.95/mo?

Responsible Fleet provides fleet owners and managers an easy to use and feature rich GPS tracking system. You are likely familiar with Google maps that we use in our system. Following are some of the Highlights

  • Location data in real time
  • Adjustable Dashboard - Pro Version
  • Breadcrumb Trails to indicate the route taken by your vehicles
  • Stop data – where and how long did my drivers stop for work or breaks
  • Notifications! Speeding, Geofencing, After-Hours Use, and Other Issues
  • Reports – ** default, with more options available
  • Turn-by-Turn Directions and Nearest Vehicle Information
  • Dispatching and Routing via Text or Email
  • Vehicle Maintenance Tracking
  • Street and satellite views
  • Reports

    Pricing Options

    Purchase Option

    • $19.95 Monthly Service
    • $90 Device Purchase for Light Duty / $120 for Heavy Duty
    • No Activation Fee
    • No Contract
    • Free Shipping

    Rental Option

    • $22.95 Monthly Service
    • Free Device
    • First and Last Month Service due up front
    • No Activation Fee
    • No Contract
    • Free Shipping

    Following Your Purchase

    Free online training is available and we're always here to help if you have a query. An orientation is included in our standard package, and one of our specialists will assist you through setting up your account and answering all of your concerns. You are in charge of that session. It can be as short or as long if you want.

    Your GPS Tracker

    We can ship most vehicle tracking devices within a day or two. We cannot guarantee same-day delivery because each device is individually configured to meet the demands of our customers. Then, we test every GPS tracking device in our facility to ensure it is working properly. It's worth it to ensure that when you start tracking your fleet, your experience is as smooth as possible

    To learn more about Responsible Fleet Tracking’s GPS, request an online demo today.