Relentless Customer Care

What does it mean to provide unwavering customer service?

The GPS tracking service is currently one of the most service-intensive company offerings available. How often do you have to call your Internet, or cell service provider? Increase that by a factor of five. You're on your own when you buy inexpensive internet GPS tracking services and devices. Don't be caught off guard. Every inch of the process, Responsible Fleet Tracking gives excellent Relentless Customer Care.

Our GPS Fleet Tracking Support Offerings

Installation Assistance at ZERO cost

We have step-by-step procedural documentation as well as video installation instructions if you need help installing your GPS tracking devices. Click here for instructions. If you are unable to install the device yourself, we would gladly assist you in locating an installation in your region. Simply dial *-***-***-**** to reach us.

No Cost System Training

It makes no difference how effective our unique GPS tracking service and software are if you don't understand how to use it.

To get the most out of your fleet, you'll know every crucial feature and comprehend the click-by-click methods.

Let Us Help

Following the Right Order

We'll call you to double-check every detail of your order. We'll give you a call to confirm your order's delivery. We'll even phone you to confirm your receipt and double-check that your system is up and running. In a nutshell, we communicate effectively and frequently.

Relentless Customer Care means excellent communication, and at Rhino Fleet Tracking, we communicate well and often.

After Care

We’ll be there to guide you every step-of-the-way even after installation. If you need any sort of assistance regarding anything, you have our phone number.


We trust in helpful communication often. We contact you often so you don't have to when you are faced by any problem. We go the extra mile to understand your needs. We prove that we Care!

To learn more about Responsible Fleet Tracking’s GPS, mail us at and request a free demo today.