RoadSide Assistance

Reach Customers Faster

Roadside assistance providers can use GPS tracking to quickly and efficiently dispatch the nearest driver to customers in need. Rapid reaction can help you gain more jobs and enhance revenues and profits in a competitive market where it's generally first come, first served. Fleet managers can also use tracking to ensure that trucks are only used during appropriate working hours.


Towing is a highly competitive industry. Towing companies benefit greatly from GPS tracking because it allows your fleet manager to dispatch the closest available truck to the scene as well as provide the most efficient route to get there.

Optimal GPS tracking solutions operate in tandem with fleet management systems to help roadside assistance companies decrease expenses and increase productivity while offering exceptional service to their clients.

Roadside assistance companies will benefit from the solutions provided by Responsible Fleet Tracking. We have the capacity to integrate bespoke GPS fleet tracking, as well as engineering and programming skills.

Our tracking system also allows fleet owners to keep track of their vehicles while they are on the road. When it comes to justifying time cards, a GPS tracking system can be extremely useful. Towing is plagued with moonlighting, when truck drivers may conduct extra jobs off the clock for monetary compensation. This inappropriate use of a company vehicle causes a slew of issues:

  • Loss of revenue on Job
  • Wear & tear on corporate vehicles
  • Threat of damage or injury during non-beneficial jobs

Tracking system allows you to watch over the driver’s behavior and produce an appropriate response to it.