Route Optimization

Route Optimization

For small to medium sized fleets, our route optimization tool allows you to enter up to 15 different stop locations and our route optimization tool will automatically prioritize the optimal route. Or, if you have a set order you can choose not to optimize. Once you have your route you can dispatch via Garmin or SMS.


In the example below, we have a driver that needs to stop at 13 different Circle K locations around the city. We have all 13 locations landmarked and we have listed the first landmark stop as "Circle K - 1". 

As you notice, at the bottom of the route dashlet, we have the 'Optimize' box checked. This will automatically optimize each stop for our driver. 

Once we have clicked 'Get Route' the list is shown for an 'OPTIMIZED STOP ORDER' and you can see that the stops are no longer listed as 1, 2, 3, etc.. 

It also shows the total distance and total drive time. 

  • You can easily dispatch your driver by clicking 'Send' and it will send the stop list via email to the driver. 

You may then click 'Map This' to see where the vehicle will be traveling.