Safeguard Your Fleet

GPS tracking devices are quickly becoming one of the most popular technological options for security alarm firms with a mobile workforce. Your organisation can monitor and improve fleet operation efficiency by analysing location data. With our fleet tracking technology, you can respond fast to alarms and keep your installers on schedule.

Protect them by tracking them!

Our software gives you the opportunity to see exactly where each member of your fleet is at any given time. This enables your company or agency to provide higher tailored service while also ensuring contract compliance. Verify the amount of time spent at a stop, monitor driver metrics, receive tailored notifications, and proactively monitor compliance from anywhere. The best protection you can provide for your own business is to track your vehicles. You will be able to monitor your vehicles at any time and from any location, ensuring that your drivers are according to their schedules and not abusing your vehicles.

GPS tracking increases both your company's and your customers' peace of mind, as they will be able to sleep soundly knowing that their homes and businesses are secure.