Smart Cameras

Driveri Artificial Intelligence

Driveri Smart Camera.

With real-time incident detection, the ability to determine who’s at fault, and intelligent automated reporting, the Driveri fleet camera system is making drivers safer and reducing costs.

High gForce

Distracted Driver

Speeding Violations

Hard Acceleration

Driver Drowsiness

Hard Braking

Following Distance

Seatbelt Compliance

Stop Sign Violations

Traffic Signal Violations

More than a dash cam

Driveri saves you the effort of reviewing, evaluating, and storing footage by doing it all for you with a powerful combination of technology that sets it apart from other dash cameras.

You only receive alerts and videos when drivers exceed the thresholds set for a wide variety of behavior – no more manually reviewing hours of footage to see how employees are performing.

Smart Camera Features.

Comprehensive Safety

Automated Coaching

Future-Forward Technology

Indisputable evidence.

By automatically capturing everything on the road, Driveri is your reliable witness that never misses a single moment. Understand the context of at-fault incidents to inform coaching and improve fleet safety, or exonerate your drivers with the ability to go back in time and view event videos.

Measure beyond bad habits.

Improving fleet safety is not just about gaining insight into negative driving behaviors. Having complete visibility into every moment on the road with Driveri means seeing what your employees are doing right while driving, too. Know how many minutes they’re driving incident-free or when they earn DriverStars for actions like allowing another driver to merge or coming to a complete stop at 75 consecutive stop signs.


Measure what matters.

Set your fleet safety goals and track your progress over time. Monitor individual and fleetwide scores. Visualize all tracked driving events to see trends and more.

Camera Events Graph


Driver coaching – your way.

The coaching options offered with the Driveri fleet camera system help you create a safety culture built on transparency and fairness without having to wade through hours of video.

Automated and customizable coaching sessions allow you to focus on your top priorities and the types of events that you wish to correct.

Virtual coaching via the Driveri mobile app and in-cab audio warnings empower your employees to get fast feedback and improve their driving behaviors without further intervention or corrective action.