Stop Detail and Idle Time Map

We now offer a great way to visualize your fleet’s stops and idle times by displaying color specific circles on a map – red for stopped, purple for idle.


Here is the run-down on all the features:

  • Click on a vehicle to limit the map view to only stops/idles for that vehicle.

  • The rows on the right for that vehicle will highlight in yellow. See all stops/idles on the map again by clicking “display all”.

  • Double-click the rows on the right and the map will zoom to that stop and popup more info (clicking on the circles will also popup the same info).

  • Use the “Time Range” slider to filter out short or long stops.

  • Use the “Scale” slider to adjust the size of the circles on the map. This is helpful if you filter out longer stops and want the circles to be bigger.

  • Sort by stop duration or by vehicle.

To access this great feature, navigate to the Stop Detail and Idle Time Report and click on the “Browser Map” button: